What is Digital Detox and Why Should You Care

unplugThe term DIGITAL DETOX was added to the Oxford Dictionary in August 2013, whose definition is, “a period of time during which a person refrains from using electronic devices such as smartphones or computers, regarded as an opportunity to reduce stress or focus on social interaction int he physical world.”

The need to disconnect so that you can reconnect is in such demand nowadays that there are week-long Digital Detox retreats, 1-2 day seminars and smartphone apps to basically force people to recharge. The Digital Detox Android app irrevocably disables your phone for a period of time the user specifies. For instance, if you force your phone to shut down from 10pm-7am for a period of one week, there is no way you can reverse it unless you perform a factory reset which wipes everything off your phone completely.

I am not going to go on a long tangent as to how, why and when you should unplug from the electronic devices in your life. You know if you’re on them too much. You know if you’re spending too much time on Facebook or watching too many Netflix movies. I guarantee that the quality of your life (that is, the quality of your heart and soul) is in no way enhanced by the non-stop use of electronic devices. The only way we can truly grow and enhance our quality of life is through non-stop interaction between other humans that challenge and build us up and a Higher Power.

I challenge you to make a conscience decision to unplug from the digital world wherever and whenever you can. A great place to start is to decide not to sleep your with phone, tablet or laptop next to you. Charge these devices up in another room so that you can more effectively recharge yourself. mobile devices


One thought on “What is Digital Detox and Why Should You Care

  1. Good Morning, I’ve unplugged but never had an issue doing so to take break. I did stop facebook as I felt more disconnect. I’m glad I did, I spend the time in bible study and know its for the best 🙂 Very timely, and greatly appreciate the share, I passed it on to assist some who don’t understand why I prefer life ‘unplugged’.

    Blessings, prayers and appreciate hugs, Ellen


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