Hump Wednesday Motivation

Check out this video of my deadlift personal record of 305lbs!


Getting over the mid-week hump can be both challenging, but relieving. What is the one thing you are most concerned about today that you have to do? Seriously, I want you to consciously think about that ONE thing that will be scary, challenging or maybe even hurtful that you need to do today. Instead of avoiding it or going through it alone, try talking to a trusted friend, co-worker or family member about it. Simply letting someone know what you’re concerned about can relieve a lot of the pressure and make it easier to go through.

Derek Hough & Amy Purdy on ABC's Dancing with the Stars
Derek Hough & Amy Purdy on ABC’s Dancing with the Stars

Speaking of pressure, I heard a great quote from 5-time Dancing with the Stars Champion, Derek Hough. He is dancing partners with a friend of mine, Amy Purdy. Amy is a double below-knee amputee and has made it to the finals in Season 17. Derek said, Pressure does not exist. We create it for ourselves.”

If you’re like me, you put more pressure on yourself to perform for others. One thing I am trying to do better at is giving myself a break, showing myself more compassion and allowing more time for rest and recovery. I have spent unfathomable amounts of time and energy putting unrealistic expectations on myself. All it did was leave me more and more disappointed and exhausted.

But today I am grateful for when I am. In many areas of my life I feel less “successful” but be more fulfilled and connected.

So back to my original question: what is that one thing you do not want to do today that you need to do? Find a way to do it right now and feel less pressure and more fulfilled immediately.



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