Extreme Makeover: Mabry Edition

Here’s a little project we did at our house that should make you laugh…and wonder what the heck is wrong with me. Don’t miss the video footage at the end of this post.


I previously blogged before how I am working on finding the inner ‘Selfish Sarah’ and trying to find time to discover new ways to pamper myself. As a mom of three little kids, it is difficult to find the time to fix myself up. So, while rushing to get ready yesterday morning an insane idea popped into my head.  What if I, Selfish Sarah, had a glam squad of my own for one day to transform my tired, worn-out self into a stunning showpiece that is worthy of walking the red carpet at the Oscars. Then I saw the producers of Extreme Makeover: Mabry Edition were casting a dilapidated soccer mom to makeover. I submitted my video application and guess what? They chose ME for their next makeover!

It wouldn’t be a makeover show without a before picture, right? Well, here I am.


Jean Clint fired up The Imposteurs with a little pep rally, complete with jazz hands, spirit fingers and some spit that kept flying out of his mouth. He said the spit thing was normal and was socially acceptable in Europe.

Fashion designer for the stars, Öestin, raided my closet and hand picked this stunning ensemble. He delicately paired a long cotton maroon skirt with an American Indian-inspired beaded waist line with a silky floral dress. Then he accessorized it with a daring necklace, beaded bracelets and a precious pair of brown dangling earrings. But here’s the kicker, he topped it all off with a pair of black velvet stilettos. I mean, who knows to do that? It was a marvelous cornucopia of styles and colors that only the great Öestin could have selected just for me.


Öestin demands that his client’s nails perfectly compliment his chic ensemble. So he picked crimson red for my left hand and an authentic Santa Fe-colored turquoise for my right. Öestin is the assistant to Larsón so Larsón felt it was his duty to oversee Öestin’s craftsmanship.


Onto makeup:

Larsón said he spent years perfecting trade secrets that he chooses to share with only a select few in his inner circle. Some of his makeup artistry is even used by performers globally in Cirque Du Soliel. I could hardly wait to see how I was going to look!


My makeover culminated with Jean Clint himself designing my hair using state-of-the-art techniques only few people have the luxury of experiencing. If I recall, he used a TON of dry shampoo spray to fluff, curl, clamp and then reverse clamp my hair. A technique I wasn’t familiar with until now. With an emphatic half up disheveled up-do, my new kind of BEAUTIFUL was coming to life.



What do you think? I think he did A-M-A-zing! I can’t describe to you how radiant I feel now. This experience has taken years off my life. I can confidently look in my mirror and say, “DARN, I look GOOODD!”


Not only did I transform on the outside but the bigger transformation happened internally. I want to give a big THANK YOU to The Imposteurs for giving me the courage to proudly claim my new own kind of BEAUTIFUL. Move over Emma Stone and Reese Whitherspoon. Here I come!


Honestly, my hope is that this experience not only made you laugh but helped you remember to love who you were created to be. The lesson here is to wear your identity, your true identity, with confidence. Be your own kind of beautiful. Don’t be so concerned with what others think of you from the outside. They aren’t the ones waking up in your skin everyday. So stay true to yourself and don’t let what others say dictate how or why you live your life. You only live once so don’t waste time doing things someone else’s way.

Check out the video footage from Extreme Makeover: Mabry Edition on the one and only Mabryliving You Tube Channel.

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